How To Start A Church

Step one: Choose Satan's holiday as the time for your first outreach event.

We chose to use Halloween as an opportunity to get Echo Church out to the community. This is the one evening of the year where the neighborhood is out and about, and they want to see you. We had coffee and hot chocolate for the adults and plenty of candy for the kids. Our people were awesome as they did a great job starting conversations with the adults. We probably made personal contacts with 50 to 75 kids and the adults that accompanied them. Plus, the weather was downright wonderful. Here are a few pics I took [in addition to this one of Aaron revenging the Sith].

Why some Christians avoid Halloween still befuddles me. Aaron reminded me of what we've been studying in Genesis about this. God is the creator of every day. And He declared that every day is good. What's better than followers of Jesus "reclaiming" this day by reaching out to people for Him? I say, "Boo-yah, Lucifer!"

By the way, we're planning on not meeting on Christmas night [it's on a Sunday], so how's that for making a statement: apparently our church celebrates Halloween but not Christmas.

Maybe this church is in trouble. Or maybe we're on to something here.