Holiday Hangover

Had a great extended weekend as we enjoyed Thanksgiving Day at my parents and the few days afterward down in Lexington. Stuffed a lot into those four days. Probably won't be able to remember everything that happened, but will give it a go. Will try to use pronouns at least a couple of times in this post. Updates from the weekend:
  • Last Wednesday night was Brett Michaels concert at Annie's. Mullets galore, my friends. It was almost sad to see Michaels still pretending it was the 1980's, but not quite as sad as all the people who were cheering him on . . . um, of which I was one. Yes, every rose has it's thorn. Had a great time with Larry, Aaron and Scott. and I even learned a few things. I'll never listen to "Reelin' in the Years" the same again.
  • Love that Thanksgiving meal. Or meals. Two different families mean two days in a row of stuffing myself. Yes, Thanksgiving rocks. It has to be the best holiday of them all. All you do is eat and be thankful. Plus you get an extended weekend with the knowledge that the Christmas holiday is just around the corner. Can't wait till next year.
  • Saw UK play basketball Friday night at Rupp Arena. Liberty University needed Jerry Falwell's prayers, as they didn't stand a chance against the Wildcats. Thanks to my in-laws' season tickets, I've had quite a few chances to see UK basketball in person. It's an absolutely amazing sight. Even during a holiday weekend, and playing a cruddy opponent, they sell-out the place. To see 24,000 people going crazy over a basketball game is amazing. And don't worry about Kelly not being able to see her team play; she's going to see them play North Carolina this weekend.
  • Enjoyed four days-in-a-row of sleeping in. It was rough getting up this morning, but work wasn't too bad today as it was pretty slow. Everyone must still be reeling from a turkey overdose.
  • The Bengals took care of business again. Next week is huge. Gotta beat Pittsburgh to guarantee a play-off berth. Who-dey!
  • And finally, Sunday night we had a great Echo gathering. I'm loving our little church. Can't wait to see where God takes us in the years to come.
And now, with the feasting behind us, just four weeks until Christmas. Now, it officially 'tis the season . . .