The Weekend Recap

Warning: this post is somewhat boring

We're less than two weeks away from the first service of Echo Church. It's tough to make time to blog right now, but here's my attempt to fill you in on our busy weekend.

A week ago, a friend passed away, and Kelly and I were asked to sing at the funeral on Saturday. This meant we would have to go over to my parents' house on Friday night to get my guitar [trip #1 to the westside]. Before we went over there, Kel and I went to see the Reese Witherspoon chic-flick Just Like Heaven. It also starred Mark Ruffalo, an actor I rather like; overall, it made for an "cute movie." Who else can make a "cute movie" about a comatose girl cute but Reese Witherspoon?

The funeral on Saturday went well. Julie Budde was a friend of ours from the Oak Hills Christian Church [now iMPACT] and we still keep up with her two sons. Julie was a constant encourager of Kelly and me; she even talked about coming to check us out at Echo. The service took place at the Bridgetown Church of Christ [trip #2 to the westside]. Julie was a wonderful, unique person and I think the memorial service was a good tribute to her life.

Sunday, we went to iMPACT to church [trip #3 to the westside]. Aaron preached [he also spoke for part of the memorial service and did a great job with his part]. He's an incredible communicator. Once again, it made me feel good about partnering with him with this church. Between the two of us, we're not half bad. It was awesome to see where that church has come in a few years. When Kelly and I first visited there, the church was near death. Now it's more alive than ever.

Kelly went with Carol to see the musical Chicago in Lexington [interesting] on Sunday night. I spent the evening hanging out with Aaron and Larry and Brad Budde. I haven't been able to hang out with them for awhile, so it was great to talk with them.

And today passed without incident. My boss from Panera is transferring, so I'll have a new boss to deal with. My car should finally be finished tomorrow [with its brand new-used engine], so I'll be done driving around the massive, gas-guzzling F-150 and get back with my Explorer. Aaron and I hashed out some church stuff tonight; I think we've got the teaching texts planned out for the rest of the year.

Yeah, this was a really boring post. Sorry about that. As I sit here, I'm sorta exhausted from the past two days, but I think we're just entering the beginning of this "church planting busy season." I promise I'll try to bring my "A" game tomorrow.

If I even have an "A" game . . .