Don't Phunk [Mess] With My Songs

Part of our moving-in meant getting cable hooked up. The cable company quoted us a tremendous rate for cable, high-speed internet, and digital phone in a combined package so we took it. So now we're back to having a home phone again, and having one of those cable boxes where you get 100 channels. No HBO or Showtime, but all the really important channels like History Channel 2, VH1 80's, MTV 2, and CSPAN 3.

I flipped on this music video channel where they actually play videos [Fuse] last night and saw a new Weezer video. I guess Weezer is cool again, which is fine by me because they play good music. The name of the song in the video was "We Are All On Drugs." No, it's not a song glorifying drug use, but states that some of the un-drug induced actions people commit on a daily basis might as well have committed while being high on a carcinogen.

Anyway, I flipped on MTV 2 here this morning [once again, how ironic that MTV had to create a second network to play videos?] and the same Weezer song came on again. But this time there was something different about it. The lyrics [and title] of the song had been changed to "We are all in love." Obviously the network was so paranoid that the song would be interpreted as a pro-drug song that they changed the lyrics. Anything to protect the innocent minds of children. So a song with a pretty solid message gets "sanctified" because people aren't allowed to think for themselves. What really cracks me up is that kids know that the lyrics are changed, so it really accomplishes nothing.

Perhaps I'll feel a little different about this in a few months when we have a child of our own, but I doubt it. It makes no sense. I mean, where are you going to stop? There's much worse out there than Weezer. I find this kind of editing hilarious while rap songs that graphically describe sexual perversion are given a few minor beeps. And as Gaylord Focker alerted us, you know what "Puff the Magic Dragon" is really about.

Lest we all forget that this kind of song editing doesn't work, a few years ago a band called Puddle of Mudd released a song called "She ****ing Hates Me." They bleeped it out and it proceeded to go to the top 10 on the Billboard charts. Despite the best efforts, it doesn't work.

As much as I want to be for censorship, this is America. If we don't like it or disagree with the message, we should turn it off. Otherwise, it won't be too long that people will want to edit our messages.