T-minus one week

So I guess this church is actually going to happen. We had our "trial run" last night, and things went really well. We didn't get a video projector [looks like we'll need to buy one], but the sound system we borrowed from iMPACT Church was a piece of cake to set up. Until we figure out otherwise, it looks like I'll be leading the worship. I just don't want it to be tacky if I'm pulling double-duty [music and teaching] but I think we'll manage. We're not depending on worship music to build this church anyway.

The sanctuary of the Walnut Hills church has a great feel at night, and it handles sound well. If we happened to lose our sound system, I don't think we'd really need a microphone to be heard.

The thing that really excited me last night, more than any of the technical aspects that we figured out, was the vibe in the room. The people there were all excited about Echo and what God's going to do. We had communion and ended the evening in a time of prayer, praying with our hands on the pews where people will worship from. I can't wait to see how God moves . . .

There's still a lot of stuff to get accomplished this week, but I'm not worried about it. I can't understand that I'm not nervous or stressed out. I was more stressed watching the Bengals blow it last night.

That's what's cool about Echo: it's all God; we're just along for the ride.