Blog Almighty

Even the name of the convention sounds ominous:

God Blog 2005

Never knew God had a blog. Wonder if he uses a Mac. Are comments submitted via rosary?

This convention is supposed to be the first Christian blogging convention. Hosted by Biola University in L.A. [shout-out to Megan and Cassidy Coffman, who are Biola alumni], the convention starts this Thursday, so I won't be attending. The goal of this gathering: to establish and cultivate relationships within the Christian blogging community and to provide opportunities for Christian bloggers to think about their role within the broader blogging world. If we read between the lines here, we understand who'll be attending i.e., more geeks than a Star Wars convention.

Two things to laugh about here:

1) Why do we always have to put a Christian spin on everything? Seems like the whole world is one big Berean Christian Store. I'm not sure blogging is the best way to show Jesus in your life. In fact, there are some blogs out there that make me want to switch religions. But, that's what we Christians do: try to "Christianize" things.

2) The majority of people on the invited speakers list was over fifty years old. THIS IS NOT A CRACK ON PEOPLE OVER FIFTY, but I find this pointless. The people who will shape the next ten to twenty years in blogging are people under twenty. I'm not sure that I'm even young enough to really share on this topic, since I remember life before Al Gore's wonderful invention. They should have found some young punks who are being innovative in the blogosphere let them share what they think the future holds for it. Who knows, blogging could be a fad nearing the end of its days. But, that's what we Christians do: stay at least twenty years behind the times.

You know someone at that convention has made a bumper sticker that says,


If not, you should get some made; you'd make a killing.

postscript: didn't find a bumper sticker, but I did find this. I guess God uses Blogger.