Press On

I don't have to be into work until 11:00 this morning, so I'm sitting here watching Good Morning America. Watching TV is what prompts me to ask you this question this morning . . .

Why are depression commercials so depressing?

I'm not making light of depression. It's a horrible disorder that people don't take seriously enough. But whenever I watch commercials advertising drugs for depression they have these people that should be happy moaping around, showing how depressed they are. I then start to relate to those people and wonder if I'm actually depressed. Of course I'm not, but the commercials almost convince me that I am.

If I was making a good depression commercial, I'd show a bunch of happy people playing in a field, jousting or something. I know the reason they make those commercials so depressing is so people having one bad day will misdiagnose themselves and demand that their doctor prescribe them the drug. But I just don't like it. That's just sad. And I thought Victoria's Secret commercials [no hyperlink available] were the only ones that I needed to change the channel from.

I'm going to get me a Diet Coke.