Another Reason God is Good

I had a rough day today. The reality of this church starting has my mind racing with things to do. I guess that put me in a bad mood today as I wasn't too "perky" at work [instead of offering, "would you like to have some cream cheese with that," I told them, "I know a place where you can shove your cream cheese . . ."] Even tonight I found myself getting frustrated despite the fact that I was finally getting my sweet Explorer back [and they didn't even swipe the five gallon bucket of golf balls in the back].

Anyway, tonight we drove up to Mason to finish out the men's church league softball season. It's been a pretty frustrating league this year, but I thought it would be good to see it to completion; it would be a good opportunity not to think about anything but playing ball. We played a team way worse than us [if possible] and run-ruled them.

After the game I was talking to our coach Kevin, who just happens to be a lawyer, he was asking if there was anything legal he could help out with. Kevin has offered help on many different occasions, so I said I'd let him know if we did. But tonight I did bring up that was struggling with our 501c3 filing. This is the form that non-profit organizations have to fill out to be able to claim "official" tax-exempt status. Some of these church planting websites suggested to start filling it out and call a lawyer for help when you get stuck. It's a 48 page document and I didn't get past page two.

So in mentioning it to Kevin tonight he said that his firm could definitely take care of it for us. This was the biggest "to-do" item looming over our church and it was basically taken away tonight. Oh yeah, feeling the flow, doing the bull dance . . .

Among the many lessons I've learned throughout this process, I guess one of the ones that's been most helpful would be this: don't be afraid to ask for help. Any of you that have observed me during this process know that I've done this more during the past year than during any time in my life. I understand that, as Bono put it [albeit, I'm taking this out of context, but at least it's not Scripture], "sometimes you can't make it on your own." But it's a constant struggle as my pride kicks in. I trust in God to do things, but sometimes I need to realize that God is sending me people to get those things accomplished. Yes, I'm an idiot, but I'm a recovering idiot.

So God is good. I think this whole church thing might just work out in spite of me. I'm fine with that.