Web Fads

This feels like a good Friday topic: web fads over the past ten years. This article is fun and includes links to all top ten. My top three:

3. Star Wars Kid [wonder what this kid is doing with his life?]
2. Hamster Dance [I'm singing the song in my head even as I type]
1. Dancing Baby [thank you Ally McBeal]

I remember the first time I used the internet. I was in college and Brian Morris had his computer connected to his phone line so he could go online. I was clicking things with the mouse, worried that I was doing it wrong. I specifically remember asking, "What do I do now?" "You look up stuff," was his reply. "Oh," I said.

That summer, trying to make some extra money to pay for Kelly's engagement ring, I spent my evenings at my alma mater wiring the entire dorms for internet usage. By that fall, I was online all the time. The best thing since the internet is definitely high-speed internet. One day you'll be telling your grandkids, "Back in my day we had to multi-task waiting for pages to download." And they'll say, "Whatever Grandpa." And you'll say, "here, let me see if I'm hot or not."

I love that internet.