Demolition Derby

So Kelly's car was in an accident yesterday. Notice I didn't write, "Kelly was in an accident." Nor did I write, just in case you think I was mistaken, "Kelly Carr was in an accident yesterday." Nope, she wasn't involved at all. But her car was.

We've had her Nissan Altima for about two years. It was the first new car that we've ever purchased. The people at King's Nissan have been really good throughout the process, and Kelly still returns there to get her oil changed. But things have been slipping. After making an appointment to get her oil changed, she showed up and was told that it would take them an hour to get it finished. Yeah, an hour for an oil change! She called me and we discussed whether it was worth the wait. We discussed that since this would probably be the last time she ever went there, she should just wait it out. About forty-five minutes later, I got a call from Kel. Here's how it went:

Wife: Hey Steve!
Me: Hey babe, what's up?
Wife: Well, I got my oil change for free.
Me: How'd that happen?
Wife: Um, they wrecked my car.

Yep, they wrecked here car pulling out of the car bay. Brilliant. I didn't get to see the damage first-hand, but Kelly said there was an indentation the size of a basketball on the corner of her front bumper. Even now I'm dumbfounded that you can wreck a car so badly while driving it twenty yards. It's not like it was a stick or anything. You apply your right foot to the break, position the automatic shifter onto the little "D," put both hands on the steering wheel, gently remove your foot from the break and you're rolling out of the bay. Even in idle, they could've made the trip in thirty seconds. But somehow they managed to do a couple thousand dollars of body damage to the car. I'd love to see the video. I can't imagine that you could hold on to an employee that wrecks a car during an oil change.

Maybe even better than that is the way they chose to explain the situation to my wife. A woman came into the waiting room with a bunch of paper work and these were the first words she said:

"We've already called Enterprise Rental Car. Please come with me."

What the heck? They didn't say, "Ma'am, I have some unfortunate news," not even a, "Houston, we have a problem," just straight into the rental car call. It's a shame because, up until this point, things were going so well. So now Kel is driving a Red Altima that smells like the funk and they've given no estimate on when the car will be back. Suffice to say, I don't think we'll be returning to Kings Nissan in the future.