This World Is Not My Home

I was wondering this morning if I should change the name of the blog because there's no longer a "Beit" in "Beit Carr." But of course, as Bono so eloquently put on U2's last album, a house doesn't make a home so I think I'll let it slide for a little while.

So we got everything moved into Jamie and Melinda Johnson's basement. They live further north than we did, near the Golf Center in Mason. They have a beautiful house and we're able to access the basement through an outside entrance, which means we don't have to walk through the front door all the time. Apparently they specifically designed the house so the could host missionaries and ministers who needed a temporary place to stay. What an awesome ministry that we're able to take advantage of. In the basement, there's a comfortable futon [in its own bedroom area] bed, a little kitchen area and a full bathroom. They also just so happen to have the entertainment room downstairs [can you say "surround sound?"] along with pool and air hockey tables. Kelly and I remarked to each other that we could get used to this type of living.

This led me to remark that the place was bigger than our old apartments. So I thought this would be a good time to reminisce about those two places.

Apartment 1: Hosbrook Road, Madeira
1 bedroom, 1 full bathroom

There isn't a surplus of affordable rental in the Madeira area, so when we found this place we were ecstatic. The place was small but fortunately we were newlyweds and didn't have anything anyway. Most of the tenants in the building were senior citizens, so there were never really kids around. Our unit was set back in the complex next to some beautiful trees, so we had a nice obstruction from anyone looking in. There were four different apartments in the wing and ours was on the second floor. We had a tiny balcony that we never went out on for fear it would collapse. It was nowhere near perfect, but it was our first place so we really didn't know any better.

The apartment building was right behind the football field for the Madeira High School. We used to hop the fence to go run around the track. What we didn't expect was the first Friday night football game. They chose to celebrate Mustang touchdowns by firing a cannon, which just happened to be situated behind the endzone, thirty yards from our apartment. Just a month into married life I thought we were under siege by the Russians and Cubans. Beyond the incoming mortar rounds, it was a fun little place to love.

Apartment 2: Bridgetown Road, Bridgetown
2 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms

This place was an easy sell for us after our first place. This apartment was double the size of the Hosbrook place and half the price. The neighbors were all quiet and kept to themselves, so we never had any issues. The only drawback was that we were on the ground level, facing Bridgetown Road. Once it got dark, people would be able to see inside the windows, so we always closed the blinds when it got dark. This tended to make it a gloomy place to live. But having all that new found space was awesome.

The craziest experience we had there was after we had been traveling for CCU to a teen conference for a week. When we pulled into the driveway of the complex and there were fire trucks everywhere and we saw one of the apartment building smoldering. It took us a few seconds to discover that our building was unscathed, be we had the initial heart-stopping feeling as we surveyed the scene. It turned out that, in that summer of drought, someone had lit a firecracker that landed on the roof and smoldered until it caught the whole building on fire.

So reflecting on where we've been, this momentary lay-over is no big deal at all. It's just another place to live, a place to lay our heads.