So we're finally finished. The house is ours no more.

I won't lie: there was some sadness associated with the parting. As the place got emptier, the feelings got stronger. This was our first house, and we had poured a lot of ourselves into it. From paint to drywall, from water lines to shrubbery, we did our best to make the place look good. But as we drove away Friday afternoon, I was able to feel a sense a relief that we finished everything that needed to be done. I slept well that night.

The whole house sale experience was one of the most stressful times I've had in recent memory. I don't think it was all about moving; I mean, we've done that three times before. No, I think it was the fact that we had to pack both long term and short term at the same time. Trying to decide what we would need for the next two months and figuring what we could pack long term. I'll admit that I was a jerk to my wife during the moving out process. I flew off the handle and probably yelled at Kel more than I ever have in our entire marriage. I have already in person, but once again I'd like to apologize for it. It's interesting how I let a little bit of chaos affect me. But it's over now and we had a wonderful Saturday yesterday, hanging out and talking about life. Hopefully I'll be sane for awhile now and won't need more confessional time.

As I've been noting for weeks now, God was really watching out for us through the whole process. All the way up to the closing, things the could've been major disasters miraculously turned into minor hiccups. Even the little things are a great assurance; as this has been the biggest step of faith we've taken in our lives, we feel like He has our back. It's a great feeling to have.

And now it's into the future as we try not to be the house guests from hell. More on that to come.