POD: more than a band

They dropped off the POD that we'll be storing all of our stuff in for the next couple of months. Starting tomorrow, almost all of our earthly possessions will be in a trailer-like box. I was there when the guy delivered the thing yesterday and, I must say, I was impressed by the ingenuity of the thing. It was a brilliant invention; I'm sure the guy who invented it is set for life.

Makes you wish that you came up with an invention like that: something simple, capable of earning mucho dinero. I'm rather creative, but not in the imagining new inventions category. But allow me a few ideas that, if developed and marketed correctly, could make one of you millions:

Trust me people, despite the numbers of deaths incurred because of mid-air accidents caused by cell phone use, jetpacks would still sell huge.

Instant Steak [just add water]
My mouth is watering just think of it. Or is that the water?

Automatic Transactions
All you have to do is implant this microchip in your wrist [or forehead, whichever you prefer] that has all of your personal information on it. Then, when you want to purchase something, they just scan it with a laser. You could use it everywhere. We'd start it off with a test market of 665 people. Of course, Robert Tilton will want to participate, so we'd have to add one to that number. I've even come up with a name for the company: Super-fast Automatic Transactions Around the Nation.

The Two-Second Cat Shaver
Like Rachel on Friends believed, it's probably true: there's nothing like a naked cat. It's just such a bother to pull out a Bic razor to get the job done, so why not create a machine that eliminates the time and needless mess? They'd be all the rage. I guess you could use it on a dog as well.

Book Pills
There are just way too many books to read out there; there's never enough time to read them all. So why not combine the fun of reading with the convenience of a daily multi-vitamin? Instead of books-on-tape [which leaves a funny aftertaste] we would put all the information in books in a pill you can consume. How cool would it be to walk in a pharmacy and say, "Can you get me one Taming of the Shrew, something by Jackie Collins and the Encyclopedia Britannica letter V, please."

OK, that's all I have. Do you have anything better?