Hablas Espanol?

OK, that's a first. I was just sitting here and the receptionist downstairs asked if I'd take a call from a guy on line one. He was speaking Spanish and she couldn't understand him. So I said I'd it a shot.

Apparently he is living in West Chester and looking for a job. I told him this is a church and we didn't have any jobs here. He then asked if it was a Catholic church and I said no, that it was a non-denominational church [how do you say non-denominational in Spanish anyway? I think I just made something up. You just say the English word but pronounce it differently]. I said there were plent of restaurants on Tylersville Road in West Chester, and he said he had an interview tomorrow with one of them. And then he said bye and hung up. So that was interesting.

I think after we move downtown I'm really going to try to work on building my Spanish vocabulary. It couldn't hurt.