No time!

I'm running on empty as it seems I'm all over the place. The new church, the house sale, the move, and VBS owning me . . . I have no time to blog at all. Which reminded me of one of the greatest moments of television history: a very special Saved By the Bell.

Now before I start in on this flashback, those unfamiliar with Saved By The Bell have to understand that it was the coolest, lamest show of my adolescence. You had to watch it and, thanks to syndication, we had the ability to watch it over and over again. I feel like I actually went to high school with Screech, Lisa, Slater and the gang. Therefore, the dialogue runs through my head like the voice of my conscience ["There's no hope with dope"].

Anyway, in this more serious episode, Jessie [who's acting career flourished in Showgirls] gets addicted to prescription drugs. It's the same episode where the three girls have an opportunity to make it big as the first Destiny's Child. They have an important test in school that day and an audition scheduled for that night. Jessie's been popping pills just to get by. The climatic scene in the episode is when Zack [who cameback in NYPD Blue] enters the room to get Jessie to the audition. She's asleep on the bed after almost overdosing. Jessie groggily wakes up and begins to talk math terms that she needed to know for the test. Zack tells her that she's confused and she's already taken the test. Jessie needs to get ready for the performance but Zack tells her that there's no time. The exchange goes down like this:

Zack: "You don't have time"
Jessie: "No time! No time! There's never enough time!"
Zack: "C'mon Jessie! You have to sing!"
Jessie: "Sing? Sing? [breaking into her best Pointers Sisters impersonation] 'I'm so excited! I'm so excited!' I'm so, so . . . scared!"

End Scene

No, I didn't have all this dialogue memorized; I pulled it off the web. But I too, during this time of hecticness in my life, am so, so . . . scared.

Or is it scarred?