Bird's Eye View

I didn't fly on an airplane until I was twenty-two years old; our honeymoon flight to San Francisco was my very first. Since then, I've been on at least a dozen flights and I really don't care for flying too much. Sure, there's no way I would trade the amount of travel time saved by being in the skies, but I find flying an uncomfortable experience. I"m not afraid of flying, just annoyed. The cabin pressure beating on your ear drums, the icky food, and the obnoxious co-travelers are things I could do without [I know, right now, that my father-in-law is probably laughing at this little flying diatribe because he's flown more this year for IBM than I have in my entire life. I guess it makes me respect you all the more, Dave.]. Anyway, despite how horrible the experience can be, there is one thing that would make me head to CVG right now and hop a flight anywhere: the views.

I love the view from high above the ground. There's nothing more amazing than to be soaring the air and being able to recognize where you're flying. The house where I grew up in was under the landing patterns. I always wanted to be able to see our home from the sky. That's why I love flying in and out of the Cincinnati airport. I forget exactly where we were coming from, but a few years ago I was finally able to see the house. It was somewhat liberating.

Well thanks to technology, I can have that view anytime I want. Check out some place in America you want to see at Google Maps [or you can even type in an address]. Hit the "satellite" button and you can zoom in for a satellite view of practically anywhere in the US! Keep in mind the images area about two years old, but it's still fascinating. Last night I spent almost an hour looking at the Greater Cincinnati area, then scanned around to see some national landmarks. You can see the Golden Gate Bridge, the Statue of Liberty, Hoover Dam, and even the White House. I'll warn you in advance it can be addicting, so you might not want to try it work; you'll get nothing accomplished once you start. Now there's [almost] no reason for me to have to fly again.

Look! I can actually see my house from here.