"Tell Me, Can You Feel It . . . "

I think it's summer. I'm not sure what the signs of the change in season are for you, but two of mine were reached for me yesterday: 1) We left the windows open last night because it was so warm and 2) I turned on the air conditioning in my car yesterday. I'd like to focus on that second one because this is a little early for me to hit the AC in the Explorer. I usually can last until the end of June or early July. But I do declare that yesterday[this statement is for my Hispanic readers out there] I was en fuego.

Yesterday was our church picnic. I'm still at the point where I bore easily at those type of events. I spent a almost an hour talking to people, but then I need something to do [maybe I do suffer from Adult Attention deficit Disorder]. So I got some middle schoolers and high schoolers together and we played some ultimate frisbee.

While you're reviewing the list of things I'm horrible at, add frisbee throwing to it. I suck at it. Interesting enough, my frisbee throws resemble the golf balls I hit- everything hooks to the left. Every once in a while I can get a good throw in there, but I have to look like a dork to accomplish it. I perform this hop-skip type maneuver, in order to get my body square and my hips to turn properly, so I can get the disc to go straight. I know it's difficult to visualize what I just described, so just picture me hurdling over a huge pile of cow dung, attempting to land with clean Nikes. I don't know if that does it for you, but that's how I see it my head. Regardless, I still suck at throwing a frisbee.

So getting back to the story, I went out there and owned those kids. True, it might be pathetic to talk about being superior to a bunch of fifteen year-olds, but I showed them who was the man. It's difficult for me to refrain from being competitive; even at a church picnic pick-up ultimate frisbee game, I give it 110%. True, I probably shouldn't have talked about that one kids mother and her penchant for pastries after he dropped the frisbee and kicking that little girl in the shin was maybe a tad out of line, but I had to establish supremacy. Now when they see me walking the halls of the church, they'll pay homage. They'll know the young adults minister is a bad mothah.

So about the heat: after forty-five minutes of playing I was sucking wind. This camp, where the picnic was held, is situated in a valley surrounded by trees and the combination of the heat and humidity was stifling. And I still had a softball game to get to after the picnic. So upon leaving the camp, I turned on the air conditioning in my car. I had to cool down to play the game. So the AC was flowing, and summer is here.

I really don't think there was a point to this post, but it's supposed to hit the upper 80's throughout the week, so drink plenty of liquids if you're out and about. And, as my wife constantly reminds me, wear sun screen. And go start a pick-up basketball game with some eight year olds to help your self esteem. It always works for me.