Galatians 6:11

My mother-in-law gave me a poster a few years ago from a print shop in Lexington, Kentucky. I never got it framed, but it's one of my favorites and I'll most definitely get it encased one of these days. It's the entire King James Bible printed on a poster. You can't tell that there are even letters on it with your naked eye [or, I guess since the poster was made in Kentucky, I should write it as it would be pronounced there: "neck-kid"]. All you can see are these tiny lines. The print shop was trying to show the powerful detail their new printer could inscribe. With a good magnify glass, you can actually read the thing- if you squint.

I'm thinking of shrinking my blog font. I know this might not seem like a big deal to many of you, but for some of my "older readers" this could be of supreme importance, so you might make your voice known on this issue.

Last night I was l looking back on some old stuff I've blogged about and, in my old blog format, I used a smaller font. Since I made the change over to this new blog look, I've used a "normal size" font. Looking at some old postings, I have to admit that I sorta like the smaller looking font. I've always had a thing for small print. Growing up, I would lay on the carpet directly in front of the television so I could distinguish the small print describing what month the specified APR rate expired on an '85 Yugo. Small fonts look really cool. I like 'em. Of course, maybe that's because I'm not far-sighted yet.

On my last visit to the optometrist [or is it an optician? I'm not quite sure], he told me that I have another ten years or so until I'll need reading glasses. So I'm thinking since it's inevitable, I might as well live it up and enjoy the decade- you know, reading contracts at car dealerships and stuff like that. I mock you, bifocals. It's not my time yet. So leave me alone.

So let me know if reading this is too uncomfortable [I mean the print, not the writing] and I'll make the appropriate change. Oh, and if you can't distinguish this,
you're a huge loser. No you're not really. I was just kidding. But you might want to consider using a microscope with your computer.