Stuck in Israel

So I know it's been awhile since an update; internet access is hard to find here in israel. Yes, i said here in Israel. At this point in our journey we were supposed to be in Paris, ready to fly out tomorrow. Unfortunately the French are still horrible. Maybe you've seen that the French labor force has decided to go on strike. It's shut down travel throughout Europe and has put us back in Jerusalem to wait till we get a flight out of Tel Aviv. Right now it's Friday night here [Friday afternoon in the US] and it looks like we won't get out of here until Sunday at the earliest. On the bright side, this hotel that they have us in is the best one we've stayed in yet, abd we had the chance to once again explore the city of Jerusalem. it's been a great experience, but right now we're longing for home.

They tried to send a few people from our group out of the airport last night and they were there for five hours before being sent back. We're flying out of Ben Gurion airport which is notorious for their tight security. They gave a girl in the group a once over and interrogated her pretty severly. I swear, if they do that to me or Kelly, I'll call the US State Department. These Israeli soldiers are all over the place with weapons that my tax dollars helped pay for and they're going to give me a rough time?!?! So maybe I'll get to complete the Israeli tour with some time in prison.

Seriously though. it's been an incredible trip, but we're longing to get home. Hopefully it'll be sooner than later. Until then, it's watching Dumb and Dumber with Arabic subtitles: "Want to hear the most annoying sound in the world?"