On to Paris!

So we received the info this morning that we're flying out to Paris. We're sitting in the hotel lobby waiting for the bus to arrive to take us to the airport now [about 4:30am back in Cincy]. And they were able to get our whole group out on the same flight to Paris. But here's the interesting part: they won't be able to get most of us back until Tuesday evening. Yep, that means we're going to get to see Paris after all- and even spend more time there than we thought we would.

This is awesome because Kelly was really disappointed about losing the Paris part of the trip. And we'll even get an extra day there too. So we'll see how things turn out there; there's still a remote possiblilty that we won't be able to get out Tuesday.

So keep checking in now and then, and I'll try to let you know what part of the world we're in.

Two full days of French people. How lucky am I?