Where'd My Poop Go?

Yeah, I'm trying to draw you in with the title of this posting. Let me know if it worked.

Ah, the joys of home ownership! For the past three months I've been waging a battle against our outgoing water flow [I guess you could call it sewage, but it's not necessarily all sewage]. Fortunately my dad's company has the reaming machines for sewer pipes, so it could've been much worse. I ran a smaller machine through the pipes a few months ago when we had a backflow in our laundry room. When finished, I left the machine in my garage for about six weeks. Seriously, the day after I returned it, I had another backflow problem. My uncle made two trips within a couple of weeks [including three hours yesterday] with an even bigger machine to ream the pipes out. I think yesterday's actions finally took care of things.

You see, one of the reasons Kelly and I wanted to get a house in Landen was all the beautiful trees. But these trees have produced seeds that formed the roots growing in my pipes. The roots have blocked the outflow of water to the sewer which backs up into my laundry room [stupid trees]. After reaming, you can continue to fight the problem with a root killer, which I've already used and will apparently keep using for years to come.

It's been crazy, though. Because of this, there's been a few nights during this experience that I've told Kelly things like, "if you're gonna pee, do it now," and "you'll have to shower in the bathtub and slowly let the water out" [I'm sure she'll be thrilled that I just shared that]. But this whole problem has caused some hiccups in our lives that we could've done without.

But I guess it makes me appreciate those little things that I usually take for granted. Showering, using the bathroom, doing laundry- they all need water to flow in and out of your house for them to work without notice. And if something ever messes up, it feels like the biggest inconvenience ever. This little house problem has brought a slew of naughty words from my mouth. So now I've been more thankful for things like not having to think everyday about where my poo ends up. I mean, it could be worse: how about outhouse living? Um, no thanks. So thanks, God, for indoor plumbing. Never knew the blessing it was in my life.