Play Ball!

It's finally here: my fantasy baseball draft. I love fantasy baseball. For those unfamiliar with what I'm talking about, you get a bunch of guys together [not meaning to be sexist, but only males are geeky enough to participate] and draft major league baseball players. Then you compete against each other according to the stats that they produce throughout the season. Of course, if you're familiar with fantasy football I just wasted my time explaining all that to you, but I've gotta tell ya that fantasy baseball is way better. In football, if you're high-profile quarterback gets injured, your season's over. In baseball, there are consistently new players to be found so that if you lose a superstar to an injury, you can at least find someone to replace him.

I love fantasy baseball because it gives you a reason to care what other teams are doing. I used to watch Sport Center and after they showed the Reds and the Red Sox scores, I'd tune out. Now I'm somewhat curious to see what Kansas City does in a game against the Tigers. I'll admit that the strike of 1994 really ticked me off, but fantasy baseball helped restore my excitement for the game.

This is the sixth year I've done fantasy baseball, and I've figured out what you need to do to win. I've won four of the leagues I participated in. Here's the secret: become a stat geek. Find out what RISP is. Know how a player hits on the road verses at home. Scout the minor leagues for prospects who will be called up in June. And watch ESPN's Baseball Tonight until you think Peter Gammons is your father. That's how I rule this game.

But I'm still a dork.