Valentine's Day Mascara

You might be wondering how Kelly and I celebrated Valentine's Day. This is how the evening worked out: We got home from work, ordered Donatos Pizza, she talked on the phone with a couple of friends while I messed around with my guitar and watched college basketball. Pretty romantic, huh? But at the end of the night we remarked that it was a great evening together.

The way people approach Valentine's Day has always puzzled me. Around the office yesterday their were jokes going back and forth about how you better have a card or a gift ready for your sweetie or you're dead meat. Kelly and I have never really been like that. And I know that some of you are thinking, "Ha! It probably IS like that and Steve's oblivious. Kelly's gonna kill him someday." Well, you might be right on the last part, but I promise, I've probably only given Kelly a Sweetest Day gift once. And she doesn't complain. We do little things here and there throughout the year to show each other our love. Using one day to make up for what you haven't done the rest of the year is so Hallmark.

Here's the shocker: we actually love being with each other. That's why we got married in the first place. And we're working on our seventh year of marriage, so don't throw all that newlywed crap at me either. God has given me the perfect person to appreciate the way I am and the way I live life. I figured that before we got married and that's why my life rocks. Sure we have arguments and our relationship isn't always storybook, but at the end of the day, we know how to love each other. So Happy Valentine's Day, Kel. Yeah, it's a day late, but you know how I am.