Mr Red #2 Was Always My Pick

There's this UC student who has been sitting in line for Reds Opening Day Tickets since Monday. Some of the local news stations are proclaiming him the biggest Reds fan. Call me jealous, but that's a bunch of bunk.

The guy's in college. He's got nothing better to do than skip class and sit outside and wait in line[oh, and news flash, buddy: chances are your professors just might recognize you from all the media exposure you've been getting]. Also, he's obviously not working while he's out there [he said on the news that he's missing work, but I'm sure he's not putting in 40 hours a week anyway], so mom and dad are probably footing the bill for him to "show his devotion" to the Reds.

I'm just not buying him as being the biggest Reds fan. The level of true devotion should be directly proportionate to the sacrifice being offered. If this guy was 40 years-old with three kids, unable to take vacation time and sitting in line for tickets, that would be impressive [stupid, but impressive]. But no love from me for this guy.

Pete Rose rocks!