Roman Numerals Rock!

Ah, another NFL season reaches its end and now we can focus our collective sports attention to college basketball [although I have a fantasy baseball draft in two weeks]. But before we move on, let's do some reflecting:

I. High-Def is definitely awesome. Our friends Noel and Pam from our Sunday School class hosted a bunch of us last night and his Christmas acquisition was a big-honkin' HD flat screen. This was the first time I've watched a sporting event in high definition. I do affirm that it was most excellent. In ten years it'll probably be the norm, but I will always remember when my eyes first witnessed the glory of its clarity.

II. The best commercial was the one with the cat. You know the one I was talking about: the guy cooking spaghetti sauce and the white cat knocks it over. He picks up the sauce-soaked cat while still holding a butcher's knife when his wife comes home. Quality. I think it was for some investment firm, and I'm not going to bother to look it up exactly who's commercial it was because thus is the stupidity of a Super Bowl commercial. Thanks for making me laugh, but the next day I don't remember what I was supposed to buy from you. Way to get your $2 million worth.

III. The Patriots aren't that good. I'm not saying they're bad, nor am I saying that they weren't worthy of winning a Super Bowl, but they're not 3 in 4 years good. Look at last night's game and you see that they just make fewer mistakes than their opponents. It was Philly's game for the taking but McNabb literally threw it away [need more Chunky Soup]. It's just ridiculous that now New England can join the list of the 60's Packers, 70's Steelers, 80's 49ers, and 90's Cowboys. Of course I'm a Bengals fan and am insanely jealous so take it for what it's worth.

IV. And finally, next year the Super Bowl numbers become interesting. You might have thought that next year's Super Bowl 40, would be Super Bowl XXXX. But that's incorrect since you can't have four of the same Roman numerals in a row. So you do that little subtracting thing and now we bring into the equation the numeral for 50 which is L. Think about next year when we have Super Bowl XL- that's right, an extra large Super Bowl. And in six years, Super Bowl XLV. Phonetically it spells "zelve." But the ultimate will be in eleven years from now: Super Bowl L. "Bowl-el, Bowl-el, Bowl-el, Bowl-el, born is the King of Is-ri-el." Whoever came up with the Roman numeral thing for Super Bowls must have known he'd be dead by this point and wouldn't have to worry about it. And in case you're really planning for the future, in 2056 they'll play Super Bowl XC, which is rather "EXY, sexy"

And now, five weeks till March Madness . . .