And Next Week . . . In Jerusalem

Tomorrow's the day that we've been anticipating for over a year now: Kel and I are going to the Holy Land. By the way, I have that Veggie Tales song in my head from Josh and the Big Wall, but have changed the lyrics to, "Cause we're going to the Holy Land!" [sounds sticky]. Anyway, planning for being gone for two weeks has been a bear. Between taking care of things at work, packing, and getting people to look after the house, it's probably been more work than the rest we'll be getting. But it doesn't matter. I'm beside myself with excitement for what the next couple of weeks will hold. We've been saving up for a couple years for an opportunity like this, and are so blessed that God provided. I know this doesn't sound like a dream vacation to most of you, but this is my Mecca . . . um, except that I'm not Muslim, yet Jerusalem is the third holiest city in Islam and there will be lots of Muslims there, so it's kinda like Mecca, just with more Christians and Jews and um, bullets. Yeah . . .

So here's a brief overview of our trip: We fly tomorrow from Cincy to Atlanta to Paris [we were promised a direct flight to Paris, but you know how Delta can be]. From there we fly into Amman, Jordan where we spend a day and a half there and then a full day at the lost city of Petra [made popular by the ending of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade]. We then cross over into Israel seeing Jericho and hopefully Bethlehem [if it's safe] and spend four nights outside the Old City of Jerusalem. We get to see everything in and around the city. We head south and spend two nights by the Dead Sea, getting to see the desert fortress of Masada, which is said to be the most breathtaking site in all Israel. We head north to spend two nights by the Sea of Galilee and one night by the Mediterranean Sea before flying from Tel Aviv to Paris. Finally we get to spend a day and a half in Paris before coming home.

I've heard that they don't have many internet cafes over there, but I promise, if at all possible, I'll be updating my blog when I'm over there. So check in every couple days to see if there are any updates.

I've never had so many people tell me I'm crazy [well, just about one particular thing]. People are shocked that we would venture to someplace so dangerous. But I have no concerns over our safety. But I guess, this could possibly be my last public message to all of you, so I should at least be prepared. So I leave you now, with my own personal eulogy.

I'll see you on the other side . . . maybe?