Tribute to My Wife

Last night I was asked to introduce Kelly before she spoke to our church's woman gathering. I decided to write a poem-like intro. Some of them have special inside meaning and I promise that the first one is not meant to be perverted. That being said, here it is:

Kelly is . . .

Kelly is a hotel bed with multiple pillows- rest for my soul.

Kelly is Palm Springs- an oasis in the middle of a desert.

Kelly is Encyclopedia Brittanica- knowledgeable of many diverse subjects.

Kelly is the chorus of “How Great Thou Art” - a life sung in passionate, stirring harmony.

Kelly is Valentines Day- patient and kind, not envying or boasting.

Kelly is the Deluxe Edition of Spellcheck for Microsoft Word- always knowing what word to use.

Kelly is Barnabas- the perfect partner in ministry.

Kelly is the encouragement note written on the bathroom mirror- always lifting me up.

Kelly is a sit-com audience- a synthesis of hyperventilation, laughter and snorting.

Kelly is Bob the Tomato to my Larry the Cucumber- she will be your friend la,la,la . . .

Kelly is a bag of stuffed animals- tactile-icious!

Kelly is a stethoscope- always listening to the heartbeat of others.

Kelly is Fort Knox- worth far more than rubies.

Kelly is a cup of Diet Coke with four ice cubes- great taste with no calories.

Kelly is University of Kentucky basketball- likeable but sometimes obnoxious.

Kelly is October 23rd- an autumn day drenched in an ever-changing palate of colors.

Kelly is a softball laced into left center- a poetic mix of skill and hustle.

Kelly is an Academy Award- having a flair for the dramatic.

Kelly is what happens after the clicking stops- then the roller coaster descends the first hill.

Kelly is August 1st 1998- The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life.