My Type of Typing

So far this morning I've sent out 11 e-mails and only one of them of the short variety. This is a lot of work for me considering that I never really learned how to type. The only true regret I have from my days in high school is that I never took typing class. You see at good ole' Oak Hills High School they had weighted courses: AP Courses were level 1, College-prep courses were level 2, and everything from Wood Shop to Gym Class were levels 3 and 4. Typing was a level 3 class, which counselors told me would hurt my overall grade point average. So I never took it. I kept my 3.5 high school GPA [which slipped to 2.97 in college] and have been exercising my demented hunt-and-peck system ever since.

I can really produce despite this deficiency. What I do is let my right hand be dominant. With my right hand the first finger is dominant while my third finger [I guess you would call it the ring finger] is responsible for the ever important backspace button. I'll admit, if it weren't for the advent of the PC and the backspace button, I'd have a White-out addiction. My left hand is just along for the ride, with my pinkie hovering near the shift key. I guess the most important thing in this method is that in order for me to get on a roll, there's no way that my eyes can leave the keyboard. I know this goes against typing etiquette, but then again who cares? I'll put out a couple of sentences and then look up to see how I did. I mess up about one word every couple of sentences, so I grab the mouse and correct my mistakes [just for an example, I messed up the word "sentences" because I accidentally hit the "x" key instead of the "c"]. If anyone knows of a program to learn how to type on the computer, I'd be interested, but at the same time, isn't it too late to start over?

But maybe I'll have the last laugh. I mean, you got believe that in ten years or so there'll probably be no more keyboards left. We'll all dictate our words onto the screen via microphone. So there'll be no more typing and I'll still have my 3.5 gpa. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.