That's One Ugly Book Cover

I just finished a good year of reading. In 2004, I read more books than I had between 2002 and 2003. I capped of the year by reading one of the longest books I've ever read. It was James Michener's The Source and it ended up at 1078 pages. This book was recommended to me by a person who went with Bible Historian Ray VanderLaan to the Holy Land, so I'm gunning for the full experience when Kelly and I go there in February. But about the book, it was . . . fiction.

Now if you know me, you understand that I never really read fiction because I find it pointless. Before I read The DiVinci Code [a copy of which someone had left behind in church . . . HA!!! Get it? Left Behind? Fictional Book? Total Bull Crap? I digress . . . ], I hadn't read fiction in years. To my understanding, the reason you're supposed to read fiction is to lose yourself in a story. Personally, I'd rather drop a couple of hours of my time in a movie than spending days to read a book. But I've discovered this thing called historical fiction [like Chaim Potok's The Chosen]. I find this to be somewhat tolerable, because I'm gleaning some tangible info in the context of a story. We'll see if I can keep stomaching this type of fiction.

As for 2005, I'm focusing on reading the Bible in multiple versions, including wading through the original languages. I hear it's a good book. And it's not fiction.