If you smelllllllllll, what Steve is cooking!

Although it can be most useful, it's sometimes a bother to have a conscience. This past week was my 29th birthday so one of my Sunday School classes [shout out to the Curious?] threw me a little birthday gathering yesterday. They gave me twenty-nine of various things, from rolls of toilet paper, to antacid tablets, to marshmallows, to Westside jokes [which were really redneck jokes, Jen, so they don't count].

Anyway, the most unique gift was twenty-nine of those car air fresheners shaped like leaves [thanks, Tim]. The smell of all of them together was quite overpowering and, knowing that there was no way those were going home with me, I decided to throw them into Howard's office. All last night I felt sorta guilty; I mean, Howard always jokes around with everyone, but he's never done anything to warrant a smell punishment like that. The guy even buys me lunch at Skyline every once in awhile. So I came clean this morning, telling him I played a joke on him.

He really didn't notice to much. He thought someone had just plugged in an air-freshener to send him a message. So he thought it was funny. But for the next couple days, his office will emit the nice combination of Wild Cherry, Drakar Noir and Pine.