A Family's Story About The Tsunami

Ali Mueller is a young lady from our church who attends and plays soccer for Malone College. Back during the Thanksgiving holiday, she invited a couple of her teammates from Great Britain to spend the break here in Mason. One of the girls was named Fleur [how could you forget a name like that?] who attended Matt Redman's home church. Really nice girl. She and her family were in Sri Lanka when the tsunami hit. Her dad wrote up the story of their family's experience, which I offer up to you. We here in the States will never be able to fathom all that happened there, but I hope reading this will give us perspective. It's a little lengthy, but well worth the read. Just click here for a PDF version of the letter.

If you want to donate money to the relief effort, a great organization within our churches is IDES [the International Disaster Emergency Service]. You can be sure that all of your money will go to the cause.