ET Phone Home

Just by introducing this post with that quote, Kelly will get mad. She hates ET with a passion. Interesting, huh? Anyway, we're thinking of losing our LAN line. This is probably one of the toughest household decisions we've had to make since the spaghetti incident of 2000. For some of you this is a no brainer: you've been using your cellphone for everything and have never looked back. But we're right past that line of demarcation of being too old to make the switch boldly. I think if we were in our early to mid-twenties, we would have done it by now. It just seems to make sense to go for it.

For the past month we averaged two incoming calls a day, and of all those calls we received, half were from telemarketers. With free long distance on cells now, it seems time to change. Plus, there's the economics behind it. Our Cincinnati Bell phone bill runs us about thirty bucks a month. We want to pick up high speed internet, which would be an additional utility cost, so why not lose one and pick up the other?

So I'm feeling good about everything, ready to pull the trigger. And last night we get six phone calls. What the heck?

Here's my problem: I've become one of those people I swore I'd never be- one who resists change. I always preach about embracing change and facing it head-on, but I guess I'm just full of it. I've never not had a home phone line, so I become uncertain. I heard from someone who cancelled their LAN line that the phone company tries to scare you from quitting it. They say things like, "if you call 9-1-1, they'll not automatically know where you are" and "what if your cell phone dies." If I show any doubt or weakness, they'll eat me alive.

But I've done it before. YES, I CAN DO IT AGAIN! I own CDs and rarely listen to cassettes. I own a DVD player and hardly ever watch a video tape. I've been using cell phones since college. I depend on my PC, remote control and garage door opener- none of which I had in the days of my youth.

I'm only twenty-nine. I'm too young to become one of those people. Oh no, I will not. I refuse to give in. I'm calling the phone company tomorrow . . . unless I'm lazy and do it later in the week.