RIP Mr Computer [2002-2004]

So my work computer sorta died last Saturday. I turned it on getting ready for the Focus service and within two minutes of warming up it immediately shut down and a small tuft of smoke started rising from the tower. At first we thought it was just the power source that burned up, but apparently the entire thing was destroyed. Fortunately, I save almost everything I do on our server so I wasn't screwed. And now I have a new computer [with a DVD player and burner] so I'm looking forward to all the new stuff I'll be able to do, but allow me for a minute to pay my last respects to my lost companion.

"Mr Computer, I'm so sad to see you go. If I had known that turning your power on would killed you, I'd have thought twice about it. We had some great times, you and me, huh? I'll never forget that you helped me figure out how to make websites. And how about those wackie emails we used to send? Those were awesome. Sure you had your flaws: the way you decided to occasionally shut down without warning, you deciding not to work with Adobe Acrobat Distiller, and you somehow losing the ability to display the Microsoft Word icon. Yet despite all this, you were my first buddy here at CCM. From 8 to 5, it was me and you. You will not be forgotten.

"So I raise a glass to you, my friend.
One for me . . . one for my homie."