The Juice Is Loose

What a shock! Major League Baseball players were taking 'roids when their collective bargaining agreement certified that they couldn't be tested for them?!?! They could cheat and not get caught and the chose to cheat? Didn't see that one coming. MLB is going to try to play this off like its not a big deal, but baseball's new steroid scandal should destroy the sport. Every other major league sport in America has been testing for banned substances for years, but the power of the players union wouldn't prohibit it.

And they've been worried about Pete Rose this time. Allow me once again to make known that the damage that Pete through his gambling habit nowhere nears to compare with the damage that Bonds and Jason Giambi have caused to the game- and yet one of those guys [maybe two if Giambi can play ball post-HGH] will be first-ballot Hall-of-Famers. I'm not saying that Pete wasn't guilty; he deserved the punishment and scorn he has received. But it's difficult for Bud Selig to try to crack the whip with Pete and let Barry walk [Westside forever, Pete].

Perhaps the most disturbing thing about this is the apathy of the public. People are already saying, "So what? Chicks dig the longball. Let 'em juice up and play ball." This indifference will effect society more than you realize. This is just the beginning of accepted cheating in America. Reflect on the advances of technology in your lifetime and think toward the future. I predict that within our lifetime computer and genetic engineering will provide a way for people to download knowledge into their head. Instead of doing things like say . . . reading, you'll be able to have pertinent info implanted into your cranium. Sorta sounds like a good thing on the surface, but what happens when you're applying for a job against someone who downloaded knowledge that you don't have? Your God-given talents and abilities will mean nothing if you have the money to buy some. Sure there's never a true level playing field in this world, but the field could get rather mountainous before our very eyes.

[just thinking: contestants on the TV show The Swan on Fox where they give women plastic surgery and compete in a beauty contest. Is that like the Barry Bonds to the Miss American pageant?]

Well, the one things cemented by this whole mess is the legend of those great players of the past. Hank Aaron [my father-in-law's favorite player] hit 755 home runs in his career and was a middle schooler compared to Bonds' size. The only performance enhancing drugs Babe Ruth used were beer and liquor and, despite that, he set the bar for baseball players forever . . . if baseball can survive this garbage.