Father's Day Hook-Up

.Less than a week to go on my intensive Xavier class, so there are some things I haven't caught up with yet. One of them would be acknowledging the Father's Day greatness bestowed upon me by the wife and daughter.

They're now playing Diff'rent Strokes reruns on BET and I'll tune in to remember the entertainment of my childhood. Memorial Day Weekend there was a marathon that was DVR-able. The theme song of the show [written/performed by Growing Pain's Alan Thicke] is now a Kaelyn favorite. She loves to dance around to the song. The week before Father's Day she started singing something that I didn't understand and, apparently, it was the Diff'rent Strokes theme song. Kelly was inspired and made me a Father's Day video, a great first attempt at iMovie, by the way.

Although Father's Day was a busy day for us, we had a great time. I love my girls. Check out their video here

PHOTO CREDIT: The photo with this post was taken near Kaelyn's first birthday by Kristin Worthen whose wedding we were privileged to attend last month.