Me VS Tiger [It Begins]

While I was kinda pulling for Rocco Mediate to keep pushing the US Open to even more play-off holes, I must admit that I was pulling for Tiger Woods to win yet another Major Championship today. As I've mentioned before, Tiger and I share the same birthdate [December 30, 1975]. So whenever people rave about how amazing he is, I'm forced to compare my accomplishments with his because we've had exactly the same amount of time to get things done. For the longest time I've felt unworthy, but then I realized that it's all because the scoreboard has gone only one way.

So today I decided that I am going to enter the fray and take on Tiger Woods in the official "Me VS Tiger" competition.

We will go mano-a-mano, comparing each of our life's accomplishments to see who ends up on top. This will account for 50% of the scoring. The remainder will be based on an actual head-to-head match-up in a competition decided by Tiger himself [he'd better pick golf, otherwise I'm kicking his ***]. The competition will carry on until the in-person competition takes place. The scores will then be combined and a winner will be declared.

Tiger, be advised that this is your public challenge. I know you'll have downtime to troll the internet now that you're resting the knee until the British Open. Once you come across my blog you can drop me an email and we'll set up the match-up. Otherwise I'm going to have to take you down in a long, drawn out, merciless way.

As we begin the competition, the first comparison will be Golf Major Championships. Tiger now has fourteen in his professional career. Although I have watched many majors on television, I have yet to win one. I did, at one time, own a green windbreaker jacket, but I'm not sure that it counts. So since I'm pretty sure that I'm not going to be able to string together fourteen Majors in the next few decades, I will concede and give Tiger this category. So the official scoreboard now stands at . . .

ME= 0


Well played. Well played.