Seven Days To Marathon

It's bizarre, but as I type this I'm actually a little nervous.

A week from now, I'll be recovering from my 26.2 mile trek. The Flying Pig Marathon starting gun goes off a week from today at 6:30am.

I feel ready. I followed my training program, except for an illness that kept me from a few runs. I monitored how my body reacted during the training. I've run further distances than I've ever run before. I've been blessed with no major injuries. And the seven-day weather outlook seems to indicate a beautiful day for a run.

When I started training, I didn't fully grasp how much of a commitment this would take. I've been running since January. I've run in freezing weather and snow, in rain, and now in abnormally warm April heat. So because of all I've put into this I'm going to devote this week on the blog to describe my marathon prep.

Maybe you'll be interested to see what I've been up to. Maybe you've run or are planning on running a marathon. Maybe upon hearing my perspective you'll be convinced to run one in the future (or decide to never even think of it). Regardless, this is more for me than anything else. Even though everything culminates in the race next Sunday, I don't want to forget the lead-up to the race.

So feel free to share your stories in the comments. At the House of Carr, it's marathon week.