Playing . . .

. . . catch up, anyone?

This is the least I've blogged since I started my site. I'm not giving it up by any means, I've just hit a spot where I don't have the time to blog. During this week and next, I will have taught or preached for about twenty-two hours. I was in Chicago last weekend, will be in the middle of nowhere Indiana this weekend, and I'll still be at church preaching Sunday nights. All these opportunities are awesome, but I just can't manage to post any content here.

So since I have a few moments here tonight, I'll give you a pot-pourri of what's on my mind.

  • Like I mentioned, I was in Chicago last weekend for a gathering of urban ministers. It was very cool, and I was thankful that the weather wasn't too bad. I've only been there once before, and I've never been downtown, but I have to say that I'm struck by how huge the city is. It's pretty amazing that so many people choose to live in a place where the weather sucks most of the year.
  • Unfortunately, I missed out on Kaelyn's Lexington birthday party. I did not, however, miss out on the killer cake that my mother-in-law made. I'm going to need some extra-exercise to erase the damage it did to me.
  • Speaking of exercise, my marathon training is going surprising well. Ironically, the only injury I've sustained is my elbow. I think it's because I let my mp3 player hang too low on my arm, forcing me to bend my arm at an awkward angle. So all this running, and it's my elbow that's throwing me off.
  • My last class at Xavier is pretty intense. The professor is brilliant, but challenging. Considering that I'm going to have to finish up my thesis as well this semester, I'll be OK if May is slow in coming.
  • We're potty training Kaelyn. This kinda sucks. While she gets the idea of what we're trying to do, she still doesn't like it. I'm amazed that Kelly has been able to be so patient with her. I'm at the point where the kid could wear diapers tell she's in high school.
  • Even when the weather sucks, I love living in the city. Doing my running downtown is definitely a plus. It's constant reinforcement that Cincinnati is a beautiful town.
  • Fortunately the DVR allows us to keep up-to-date on all the reality TV. Amazing Race started this week, and it should be more promising than last year. I'm not sure how many people didn't think the deaf guy could do well but, apparently, that was the message that was out there. If you watch, I loved how the hick couple outsmarted everyone in the cheese challenge and still almost lost.
  • I was majorly bummed that my girl Tatiana didn't advance in American Idol. That would've been television gold. I'm just telling you fanatics now: that Danny Gokey isn't as adorable as you think. He's going to be the guy that people think will surely win but will get kicked off in the final four.
  • America's Best Dance Crew is getting good too. You should be watching. If you've been wondering who the people with masks are on that Gatorade commercial or dancing with Shaq at the All Star Game, you don't watch ABDC.
  • My adjunct teaching is going rather well. I'm teaching a class on biblical interpretation and I'm really feeling it. Grading papers . . . not so much.
  • We're still having a baby, in case you forgot. I sometimes do. It doesn't seem quite real yet.
  • On the sports-front, the Reds could do OK this year. I'm just hoping for some competition. And if the Bearcats could somehow manage to beat Louisville and/or West Virginia, they're a tournament team. That would be enough to get me through the rest of the year.
  • I'm loving our church. Our folk at Echo are really starting to come together. Like Susan reminded me this past week, Echo is like our first child. It's awesome to see her grow up.
  • I love my wife. She's amazing.

That's enough to keep you interested, isn't it?