I Am Thankful

. . . for a Creator who crafted a universe that is truly breathtaking.

. . . for a faith that has guided me throughout my lifetime.

. . . for a family who cultivated that faith and made me who I am today.

. . . for a wife with whom everyday together is a new adventure.

. . . for a daughter who gives me more joy than I can describe.

. . . for my wonderful extended family, who have only known "adult-Steve", which is probably a good thing.

. . . for a church family who continues to embrace the Scriptures and the mission it describes.

. . . for friends who stick with me even when I'm the weaker half of the friendship.

. . . for my country which, no matter how bad things get, is still the greatest place to live on earth.

. . . for my city which is a diamond in the rough.

. . . even when I don't let people know it.