Where's My Diploma?

Actually, all my diplomas are sitting on a bookshelf downstairs. They're pretty useful for collecting dust.

Not to force sentimentality, but this past Sunday marked the completion of four years of Beit Carr. In my view, that would mean that I've achieved enough credits to walk the stage and graduate. My G.P.A. might not be impressive, but employers rarely research that kind of thing.

I do like to blog and am thankful that I chose to start when I did. I've been able to document some of the biggest changes in my life, something I'm sure I'll cherish in the years to come. Heck, to continue doing anything for four years is remarkable in itself, so I'm taking some pride in keeping this thing going so long.

As of late, it seems as if I have a severe case of blogging senoritis— I've been blowing off class and haven't been posting nearly as frequently as I once did. I attribute that a schedule where I'm already doing a lot of research and writing, hence, putting the blogging on the back-burner. But don't give up on me. I fully plan on continuing on to blog graduate school, perhaps even pursuing blog doctoral work.

Hmmm. Not sure if I'm fully embracing this metaphor anymore. Still, if anyone feels the need to send me a graduation present, I wouldn't resist it.