And She's Still Hot

True, it's probably a tad embarrassing to post a celebratory birthday greeting for the wife a day late. But settle down: she's cool with it.

I started teaching a new class at the alma mater last night and have been pushing hard to prepare for it. We took a few hours off yesterday afternoon and had a great birthday lunch at Red Robin out in Milford, then returned home where I was back to prepping until leaving for school last night. After class [which runs to 10pm] I called Kelly on the phone and we talked until I pulled up out front. We spent the next couple of hours talking about our life, expressing thanks for all that God has done for us.

So since we spent so much time chatting, I had no post up here for her birthday. But thankfully, Kelly is the kind of person who isn't disturbed by her husband's tardiness.

So happy 31st plus a day, babe. And The Office is back tomorrow night, so even if you were mad at me, you'll soon forget.

p.s. The picture with this post is from my nephew's birthday a few weeks ago where they rented an inflatable jumping apparatus. Kelly was the first adult in.