Road Trip

I'm in an incredibly busy season of life right now: I'll be teaching a new class starting Tuesday, I'm taking a class at Xavier, in addition to regular Echo stuff. Still, when a chance presents itself to hop in the car and drive to Toledo with my two favorite ladies, then everything else goes to the back burner. Kelly was the keynote speaker to a Christian writers conference today, so Kaelyn and I joined her for the experience.

We drove up yesterday and headed to Maumee Bay State Park along Lake Erie. The beach was deserted, the weather was perfect, no admission charge,— and Kaelyn loved it. While Kelly spoke at her conference today, Kaelyn and I ate Chinese food and took in some local sights. We spent a few hours at the Toledo Botanical Gardens [might I add: no admission charge] throwing sticks into a pond. We drove back tonight, all of us a little exhausted because of being thrown off our routine by a night in a hotel room.

Even though I feel a tad stressed as I sit here tonight because of the workload ahead of me, I'm somewhat recharged because I had a great time with my girls. NOThing [emphasis: "Not One Thing"] makes me smile like Kelly and Kaelyn. We have the best times together.

My life . . . is a great life.