I'm wrapping up my second class tomorrow night and I still haven't detailed my new role as Professor Carr.

Overall, it's been a great experience. I love teaching and I think that, as an urban minister, I have an interesting perspective to add to the process. Preparing for the lectures, however, has been laborious. And even though I'm excited to be teaching two more classes this fall, they are new one for me, meaning that I have even more preparation before me. I've read some interesting books, reminded myself of many facts I'd forgotten, and forced myself to think even more systematically than I have been.

I'd say the only thing I'm not to crazy about is the homework. You'd think the power-trip associated with grading would be addictive. Not so much. Perhaps it's because I have yet to find a red pen that fits me suitably. But I'd say it's more a result of the weekly assignments associated with intensive courses. It's a lot of homework to grade, and so far I've had some smaller class sizes. Still, I'm absolutely lovin' it; not enough to have wanted to do this vocationally (no offense to those teachers out there), but definitely enough to keep at it in an adjunct role.

What's really bizarre is that after finishing teaching on Tuesday, I start up classes at Xavier on Thursday.

For someone whose favorite part of school was recess, I'm amazed at the amount of time I'm now spending in the classroom.