Before You Praise

The NBC networks continue to laud the Chinese for hosting a marvelous Olympics. I'll admit, I was impressed with the grand scale of the Opening Ceremony, as well as their architectural feats.

But the Games remind me of many family situations where years of secret abuse are finally uncovered to claims of, "We had no idea. He appeared to be a good, normal guy."

Except that, in China's case, the abuse is not at all secret. As a gentle reminder, I encourage you to read this article that highlights the unreported pomp and circumstance the frequently occurs in their nation.

I'm not saying that boycotting the games altogether was the perfect solution. But let's stop heaping praise on the host country for spending billions of dollars to make these two weeks go well when it's been accomplished at the expense of thousands of oppressed Chinese people; the facade is not reality.

Perhaps the Beijing Olympics will be a good thing. Perhaps the lure of western capitalism will finally end the oppression of the Communist government. But if the path that China has chosen continues unchanged throughout the next generation, then all we've done is whore ourselves out for some cheap entertainment.

HT: Challies