Around Town

How about a quick recap of Cincy stories that caught my eye this week?

1) Some ridiculous marketing:the Cincinnati Museum Center uses the controversial Bodies Exhibition as a means to promote a fitness camp. I mean, if you really want a body like those in the exhibition, shouldn't you offend the Chinese government?

2) A landlord in our community was so frustrated that he couldn't rent out his apartments on a crime-ridden street, that he decided to hang a sign and advertise . . . the crime, that is. John Wallen spent a few hundred to print a sign stating, "Drugs & Sex For Sale 24/7." I'll be interested to see if people are talking about it at next week's community council meeting.

3) We don't have much of a commute to church, so I don't get to bothered by the traffic. But the preacher at the First Commandment Church of the Living God here in Walnut Hills lives up north of the city and drives in on Sunday mornings. When 71-year-old pastor Thomas Howell was driving in one morning in June, a woman cut him off. He preceded to follow her, waving a firearm at her. She decided to follow him to his desitination, called the police, and they confronted him at church. Howell said he never waved a gun at the woman, but admitted to carrying a concealed firearm on his person. Yep, he was found guilty. It should be noted that this incident is helping my position in the Walnut Hills minister of the year standings.

4) Cincinnati was ranked in the top 10 of America's hardest drinking cities. Who knew?