Wire Less

Not a lot of posting going on as of late. In addition to a busy schedule I've kept the past couple of weeks, I've been having some computer issues.

My wireless connection has been irregular the past few days. I scoured the internet for solutions and, despite numerous efforts, I got nothing. Finally took it to the geniuses over at the Apple Store and they were able to determine that my wireless Airport card needs to be replaced. Part plus service would cost about $200 bucks.

Hey, computers are expensive so I can even deal with that. My problem was that, since I have a first-generation MacBook Pro, they would only replace the current card I have, refusing to upgrade it to the card now found in all MacBook Pros. So basically, I'd be paying a hefty charge with no actual upgrade benefit.

I've explored a few other options to get a renegade install of an Airport card I need. There's one more local place I'm going check tomorrow morning who'll do the upgraded card [802.11n capable, for you geeks out there] and if they won't do it at a decent price I'm just going to order the part and do it myself. I still don't feel completely comfortable about doing it, but it seems I've been left no other choice.

So I'll get back to regular posting soon, once I get my issues figured out.


Received the new card in the mail tonight. The installation was flawless and the internet is operating faster than ever. I'm a happy camper.