This Old House

Scott and Robyn Duebber are awesome. I declare it.

They are expecting child number two any day now [hopefully not before Scott leads worship at Echo on Sunday], but their awesomeness is not limited to feats of procreation. They moved to Price Hill last year, rehabbing an old house near St Lawrence Catholic Church, and, like us, are committed to raising their family in the city.

Scott also is a witty blogger, whose musings you should be reading. It is his blog, more specifically his using the blog to chart his house rehab, that got him featured in a City Beat article this week. To catch it, click here and scroll down to page 15 [note: fear not, Scott's inclusion in the magazine has nothing to do with pending lawsuits concerning prostitution advertisements].

I'm proud of Scott and Robyn. I'm particularly proud to have them in public view as solid Christians who love their city and live it out loud.