It Ain't Ovah

I'll admit it: I stayed up 'till 1am last night to catch the final returns in Indiana. The possibility of Obama winning after Hillary gave her victory speech was just too tasty. Of course, she squeeked it out, and all I got was less sleep. So even though every political pundit in America is calling the Democratic nomination race over, Hillary's still not giving up. Sorta like I called it three months ago:

"Their supporters are beginning to truly hate each other . . . neither candidate is going to give up before the convention. Obama will enter ahead in the delegate count and Hillary will press for the Michigan and Florida delegations to be seated to push her over the top. Friends, it’s not even begun to be brutal. The convention will be a melee. After the convention the party will be divided, many will be apathetic, and McCain will benefit."

The problem now is that unless she gets out of this thing before next week, it's going to get even more brutal [if that's possible] within the party. Two of the next three states [West Virginia and Kentucky] will back Clinton overwhelmingly and it still won't change the inevitable outcome. So the only reason to stay in this thing is to further embarrass her opponent, harming him in the general election in November. So even though she said last night [in a most bizarre speech] that she'll support the eventual nominee, she more closely resembles the school yard bully continually thrusting her victim's hand into his own face while innocently asking, "Why do you keep hitting yourself? Why do you keep hitting yourself?"

This is where the DNC has gotta step in and say enough is enough. The only reason they haven't demanded her withdrawal yet is because of the Clinton name. I'd predict that, after this election, the mystique is officially dead. Like it or not, there's a new Democratic day on the horizon.

And the Clinton's won't be in sight.