I Have Reached A New Low

I voted for American Idol tonight. Never before have I been motivated to call in and support a contestant. Until now.

Jason Castro is not very good. At all. Tonight the dread-locked performer did some Bob Marley and Bob Dylan. I'm not really into Marley so I didn't care much for "I Shot the Sheriff." But I do loves me some Dylan so I was looking forward to some "Tambourine Man" and it was OK.

Until he forgot like half a verse. And he filled the void with humming.

And it was then I knew:

I must vote for him.

Face it, this is one of the worst seasons ever and I feel like I've invested in it. I want something in return: I WANT A TRAIN WRECK.

So in my first foray into Idol voting I discovered that you can vote more than once. So I picked up the church cell phone, along with my own and, fully appreciating free calls after 9pm, I started hitting redial.

How many times did I call, you ask.


Yes, I want this to happen.

Unfortunately, the mere fact that I was able to get in so many times probably means Jason is gone, but at least I did my part.

I urge you . . . nay, I IMPLORE YOU, grab your phone and give Jason a vote at 866 . . . whatever-the-crap that-number-is-since-I'm-invested-enough-to-vote-and-blog-it-but-not-enough-to-reach-over-a-little-and-check-the-number-on-my-phone and give him your vote.

And join me in increasing the population of Loser-ville.