24, 24 Hours Ago [Part Two]

So before our Easter worship gathering, I returned home to pick up Kelly and Kaelyn. On the way to the church building I decided to stop at the post office to see if there was any mail in our PO box. I hopped in the car and started to say something to Kelly when this teenage kid started running down the middle of the street. He was carrying something that looked like a sleeping bag. "Peculiar," I thought, but I've seen more bizarre things. I then looked over my shoulder and saw two other guys. They were walking after the teenage kid, but one of the men was restraining the other. If you've ever seen a street fight, it was the obligatory guy-holding-the-other-guy-back scene. But after doing a double take, I noticed that the guy being restrained, who was wearing a white, long-sleeved thermal shirt, had blood all over his shoulder and upper arm. And when realizing that this was not, in fact, an ordinary street fight, I looked again at the bleeding guy to see he was brandishing a seven-inch knife.

It was then that I thought that it would be a good idea to drive away.

It took me a few seconds to realize that I should probably call the police. I wasn't sure who wronged whom, but one of my beliefs is that a guy shouldn't be walking down the middle of the street in our community while holding a knife, looking like he's ready to kill someone. I'm sure that by the time the cops showed up he was long gone.

This incident, combined with the fact that our neighbors had their house robbed this week, reminds me that this is still a far from perfect place. But even with these events, we're even more settled here, and it feels so much like home.

Speaking of home, my parents are on vacation this week, so we're staying with my grandmother at night [she has a caregiver who is with her during the day]. After church we headed over to the westside and spent last night there. And Kaelyn seemed to enjoy it; she loves the ranch-layout over there as she can run all over the place without stopping. We woke up this morning and headed back to Walnut Hills where we'll be spending our days. We'll be right back there again tonight. So our home-office now feels more like a real office.

All that to say that the past twenty-four hours have been crazy.

But at least our lives aren't boring.